Juanpa Cadario: VOR, Groupama 4 presenta su tripulación

VOR, Groupama 4 presenta su tripulación

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The sailors
Groupama in the Volvo Ocean Race

The sailors for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012:

• Franck Cammas[FRA] Skipper
• Damian Foxall [IRL] Helmsman / trimmer and crew manager
• Philip Harmer [AUS] Helmsman / trimmer/ pitman and master sailmaker
• Magnus Woxén [SWE] Trimmer/ helmsman and mast consultant
• Jean-Luc Nélias [FRA] Navigator
• Charles Caudrelier [FRA] Helmsman / trimmer / navigator and in charge of performance
• Sébastien Josse [FRA] Trimmer / helmsman/ on-board systems
• Yann Riou [FRA] Media Crew Member
• Jacques Caraës [FRA] Back-up media crew member

The under-thirty year olds:

• Martin Krite [SWE] Bowman and boat captain
• Brad Marsh [NZL] Bowman and in charge of the rigging
• Martin Strömberg [SWE] Trimmer / pitman and sailmaker
• Erwan Israël [FRA] Trimmer / helmsman / inshore manoeuvres and in charge of Safety
• Sébastien Marsset [FRA] Trimmer / pitman - deck hardware and safety