Juanpa Cadario: Day sailer de 33 pies de Luca Brenta

Day sailer de 33 pies de Luca Brenta

Fuente info Sailing Anarchy

The design brief has been clearly defined by her Owner , an avid Star class sailor in search of the ultimate performance boat, to be sailed by himself and his wife.No options have been left unexplored. Differently from our current line of day sailer (B-yachts) which are designed to accommodate a larger audience of users, the new 33ft shows a distinguished powerful aft section with a chine. Designed to a lower L/D (Length/Displacement) ratio than the B30 the extra stability is obtained by using a canting, and lifting, keel.

One of the most notable innovations is the rig plan, hence the name SUPERSTAR. Clearly inspired by the myth of the Star Class the rig configuration replicates the same geometric, and dramatic, side view. Long boom, small jib and runners on piston in order to control pre-bend, thus power, is all part of the package.The boat will be built at the highest standard. Pre-pregs cured at 80+ deg. Nomex core. High modules carbon spars and composite rigging.The boat will be sailing on the lake Garda towards in August.