Juanpa Cadario: Volvo 70 Puma con lo nuevo de Nortek para medir el leeway

Volvo 70 Puma con lo nuevo de Nortek para medir el leeway

Fuente info Nortek

Nortek - Official DVL Supplier to PUMA Ocean Racing

Nortek is proud to share its latest success story of bringing DVL solutions to unique and interesting applications. Here PUMA Ocean Racing's "Mar Mostro" is off and running with a Nortek DVL in the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race.

Mar Mostro sailing upwind with the four beam DVL sending acoustic pulses. For illustration purpose, only a very mild keel cant is shown and the leeward daggerboard (which would be in the down position) is not in view.

After a year-long collaboration, Puma Ocean Racing’s Mar Mostro is now measuring boat speed and leeway with a Nortek acoustic Doppler velocity log, also known as a DVL. The objective of this collaboration was to measure boat speed in a new, advanced way. The expectation behind this effort was not only to provide a sensor that could improve on boat speed measurements but also to directly estimate leeway – a first for performance yacht racing. A by-product of correct through-the-water boat velocity is real time estimates of the ocean currents.

The collaboration effort between Puma’s technical team and Nortek was one that saw several iterations to solve all the challenges. These included mounting solutions, onboard software development, high speed sensor performance, drag elimination, flow characterization, and countless hours of testing. The patience and hard work from both sides is a testament their will to succeed.

Nortek expects that migrating away from decades old paddlewheel technology will prove beneficial for the Volvo Ocean Race. We at Nortek wish Puma Ocean Racing a swift journey to claim victory in the Volvo Ocean Race.