Juanpa Cadario: Maltese Falcon, el mejor de los Perini en Porto Cervo

Maltese Falcon, el mejor de los Perini en Porto Cervo

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Maltese Falcon Victorious at the Perini Navi Cup

Porto Cervo, Itahly: Light and unstable winds led to racing being abandoned on the final day of the Perini Navi Cup 2011. Participants had been looking forward to the final battle between the top three yachts which were separated by just one point, however the final classification remained unvaried from yesterday with The Maltese Falcon taking overall victory. The 54-metre Parsifal III was tied on points but took second place thanks to The Maltese Falcon having gained a bullet in the first race of the event. Third place went to the 56-metre Panthalassa.

The following prizes were awarded during the closing ceremeny held in Piazza Azzurra:

- Pommery award - Fair Play Award: Selene
- Perini Navi Award - The best cocktail: Parsifal III, Heritage, Heritage M (ex aequo)
- Quadrivio Sgr Trophy
- The very first Perini Navi Captain: Adriano Canova (Principessa Vaivia)
- The Best Charity Auction: Charterers John and Renee e l'Armatore del The Maltese Falcon
- The yacht which traveled the furthest: Perseus
- Axa Corporate Solutions Trophy- Race Day 2: Panthalassa (1st); Parsifal III (2nd); The Maltese Falcon (3rd)
- Marina Yachting Trophy Race Day 1: The Maltese Falcon (1st); Parsifal III (2nd); Helios (3rd)

The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda's regatta calendar continues with the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Mini Maxi Rolex World Championship from 5th September to 10th September.

Overall Classification
Place Boat, Race 1, Race 2. Total Points

1. The Maltese Falcon, 1, 3. 4
2. Parsifal III, 2, 2. 4
3. Panthalassa, 4, 1. 5
4. Helios, 3, 7. 10
5. Perseus, 6, 4. 10
6. Principessa Vaivia, 7, 6. 13
7. Heritage, 5, 9. 14
8. Felicita West, 8, 8. 16
9. Fidelis, dnc 14, 5.19
10. Salute, 9, dnc 14. 23
11. Ohana, 10, dnf 14. 24
12. Heritage M, 11, dnf 14. 24
13. Selene, dnf 14, dnf 14. 28