Juanpa Cadario: Fran González Sanmarco, nuevo campeón mundial de Laser 4.7. Cecilia Zorzi arrasó entre las chicas

Fran González Sanmarco, nuevo campeón mundial de Laser 4.7. Cecilia Zorzi arrasó entre las chicas

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Foto copyright Erik Simonson

Felicitaciones a Fran por este valioso triunfo obtenido el mismo día de su cumpleaños número 16. Contento no sólo por tratarse del hijo de Marcelo González, amigo y colaborador del blog, sino también porque sé que fue grande el esfuerzo de su familia para que Fran llegara tan lejos.
Abrazo grande.


Fuente info Laser 4.7 Worlds

Jessica Barhydt on August 2, 2011, 10:19pm

By Paige Brooks

August 2, 2011:

Zorzi and Gonzalez are now World Champions!

Today the oft promised San Francisco Bay big breeze came out to greet the Laser 4.7 Worlds competitors. These kids have created a strong following around the St. Francis Yacht Club and on the shores of Crissy field with their practiced moves on the water, and their tireless determination and gentle demeanors on land. They are sometimes (and appropriately) sporting about their successes, but also coy around the grownups and old salts here who love to hear the watery tales from these intrepid sailors. They are inspirational.

They are the future of sailing.

The breeze started off with a whisper in 8-10 knots for the boy’s silver fleet who started at 1100 today, and a flood tide. Greek sailor Synodinos Eframidis pulled out ahead of the rest with an 8,2. Just behind him overall were Peru’s Alonso Torres-Ilosa with a 19th and a bullet to end his Worlds event. In third overall for the event American William Livernois.

The scheduled today was a lot tighter with the girls and gold fleet boys set to start at 1pm. The girls started first as the wind began to build up to 15 knots and the tide started to recess out of the Golden Gate Bridge. With moderate chop and good breeze, all of the training these kids have done in heavy air in preparation for this regatta started to pay off. In race 11, Cecilia Zorzi raced well and finished in 9th, which, incredibly, was her second lowest score, thus a drop. In her last race of the day she climbed through the fleet from a top 10 rounding at the first leeward gate, to a top three rounding at the last wing mark. After she got tossed in the water for her winning regatta, Zorzi simply said, “It went well.”

In the boys Gold Fleet, Francisco Gonzales and Carlos Rosello, both of Spain had a nail biter going into the day at only 10 points apart. Ultimately, Gonzalez finished the day with 24 points and a fourth place, finishing 28 points ahead. William de Smet of Belgium finished in third overall, passing Japanese sailor Keeiju Okada in both races today. Gonzalez was jubilant as his teammates tossed him into the drink just off the docks of the St. Francis Yacht Club.

Expect to see more of these kids in the Olympics, the America’s Cup and leading the fleets in your backyard.

Photos are available from the day and week at www.chucklantz.com, www.h2oshots.com and www.crayivp.com

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