Juanpa Cadario: ETNZ y la selección del Challenger of Record

ETNZ y la selección del Challenger of Record

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Emirates Team New Zealand to query the selection of the replacement Challenger of Record
Friday May 27th 2011, Author: Warren Douglas, Location: New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand is asking the America’s Cup jury to clarify the method of selecting the Challenger of Record for the 34th America’s Cup.

Mascalzone Latino, the original Challenger of Record, announced on 12 May that it could not proceed with its challenge. Golden Gate Yacht Club appointed the Swedish team Artemis to fill the role which involves representing all challengers in negotiations with race management.

Emirates Team New Zealand Managing Director Grant Dalton said that with so much public money and sponsorship involved in the New Zealand challenge, it was reasonable to seek clarification on how Artemis was selected.

Dalton likened the move to a rugby team going to the referees’ association to get clarification of a change to the rules of rugby.

“We can see circumstances arising where the smaller commercial teams could be disadvantaged by the marriage between these two ‘super powers’ – Oracle as the Defender and Artemis as the Challenger of Record.

“The team is seeking clarification now rather than waiting for that to happen.”