Juanpa Cadario: Noticias de la 34AC y los equipos

Noticias de la 34AC y los equipos

Juan K, diseñador de Artemis se subió al AC45

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Gearing up for the America's Cup test events
Friday, April 22, 2011

A number of the ACRM and ACEA team members are now in New Zealand preparing for the test sessions including PRO John Craig (USA), On-Water Operations Director Harold Bennett (NZL) and Director of Umpiring Mike Martin (USA) from ACRM, and Director of Technology Stan Honey (USA) from ACEA.

As some of the team prepped onshore, others got a spin this weekend with China Team, who trained on the ACRM AC45 as they await delivery of their wing-sailed catamaran next week in Auckland. China Team will be among the crews participating in the AC45 Test Events there 26-29 April and 2-6 May.
Mike Martin was among those who took his first AC45 spin on with the China Team on their first day out. Mike and his team will be looking at some new umpiring methods and use of new racing rules as part of the testing next week.
Daily reports from New Zealand will be posted to americascup.com, including athlete interviews, photos and videos. Have a question for an AC athlete? Just let us know!