Juanpa Cadario: Anticipo del blog, asi será el nuevo Soto 30

Anticipo del blog, asi será el nuevo Soto 30

(Render prepared by Lucas Dittrich from line drawings by Javier Soto Acebal)

(Render prepared by Lucas Dittrich from line drawings by Javier Soto Acebal)

Javier Soto Acebal, Javier Mendez de M-Boats y Alejandro Bottino

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The new Soto 30 arrives

The design for the new Soto 30 has just been launched bringing a smaller version of the successful Soto 40 to the race track. The design shares many of the design features of it’s larger sister and M Boats’ Javier Mendez believes it will appeal to similar racing sailors who have been seeking an alternative to handicap sailing.
“The design retains many of the design cues from the Soto 40 like the powerful square-top mainsail, large asymmetricals, enormous cockpit and the flush decks. We wanted a 30 foot platform for racing sailors of all levels who just wanted to have fun again in a fast, affordable yacht. We’ve kept running systems clean and aimed for the simple joys of racing where you know the result when you cross the finish line.”
The Soto 30 has been designed by Javier Soto Acebal who brought the iconic Soto 40 to the world over two years ago. The yacht will be constructed by M Boats in China with the first yachts ready for racing ready late July, 2011.
Features of the new yacht include the large, uncluttered cockpit, the simple transom-hung rudder, a contemporary and very light electric inboard propulsion system, one design rules that restrict the racing crew to five (or 450 kilos) and a dinghy-style spinnaker retrieval system.
“The design isn’t extreme or revolutionary - it’s more of an evolution bringing all the latest thinking in modern yacht racing into a 30 foot package. Without the shackle of handicap ratings, Javier Soto Acebal has been free to come up with a modern classic which will survive the fads and trends to provide great racing for many years,” says Javier Mendez.

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