Juanpa Cadario: Mundial de 420. Pablo Völker y Agustín Cunill Martinez de Argentina, campeones mundiales

Mundial de 420. Pablo Völker y Agustín Cunill Martinez de Argentina, campeones mundiales

Los nuevos campeones mundiales en acción

Felicitaciones a Pablo y un abrazo especial a su padre, el diseñador Nestor "cuchu" Völker, con el que comencé hace ya muchos años a hacer mis primeras regatas en barcos grandes (¡ bueno, en realidad algunos eran muy chiquitos !)

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Bs.As. January, Thursday 05. 2011. 17.30 hs LT

The championship have ended with 11 races performed.

Two races were scheduled today but the wind said otherwise. After a rainy night, this morning was completely cloudy with occassional rain squalls and shifty light wind.

Nevertheless, everybody sailed at the prearranged hour and went out to lay the marks and to sail the course. ¿Which course? For more than two hours the Race Committee moved from a place to other in pursuit of a crazily shifty wind, that veered and backed as some immense cumulus paraded over the River Plate. Finally that wind perhaps bored, settled from the NNW and blew some decent 8/10 knots.

Both fleets started promptly without even an individual recall performing an interesting race with a mild wind which subtle changes imposed strong tactical knowledge.

There were some changes in the overall placings maybe caused by nerves that ruined the performance of some crews. Anyway everybody is very happy to have participated in this championship.

Well done for all, from both champions to the last of each fleet. Well done for all the people that in any way acted some part of this event.

A particular “well done” to the International Jury, the Race Committee and the enormous legion of personnell and members of this Club. A huge “thank you” for the brazilian IRO Mr. Ricardo Navarro for his permanent aid on board and on land.
We´ll meet in future championships.

Our best regards to you all.

Alfredo Bafico Rojas
Press – Yacht Club Argentino