Juanpa Cadario: Mundial de 420, días de definición

Mundial de 420, días de definición

Fuente info 420 Worlds (no me banco un mundial en mi país y que la web este sólo en inglés, increíble)

4th January

Thanks Tony Mappelbeck for your midway report!!!!!! We all enjoyed it!!

Yesterday the Jury had to solve 4 protests, after having their mast broken, the girls from ITA 53989 asked for a Redress but the jury did not give it to them, FRA 53890 and USA 54067 had crossed protests USA 54067 had a DSQ and a redress for France was given.

Bib and dots give away was done in the morning,

Another cludy day in Buenos Aires, nevertheless the temperature rises up to 25 degrees and we are not specting rain.
The Race Committee left the dock at 11.27hs with 8 knots coming from 120º the clouds did not stop them!!!
At the racing area current was strongly coming from 110, they had 11.9 knots from 095º but 20 minutes later as the Race Committee sayd “our old friend arrives” 12 knots from 120º!!

First Race and the Open had their Black Flags again!!!! - 50484 - 52531 - 52856 - 50790 - 53172 - 54164 - 54010 - 53872 - 53692 – 53838 had a BFD.

Juan Manuel García Rodriguez with Facundo Olezza from Argentina rounded the first mark first and continue to lead the group on mark 2, Mariana Lombardo with Joaquin Fehrmann rounded second and Benjamin Grez with Diego Gonzalez did it third, but on mark 3 and mark 2 (2time) they regain positions and took the lead followed by Pablo Völker with Agustín Cunill Martinez and leaving Juan Manuel García Rodriguez with Facundo Olezza on the third place.
Finally Benjamin Grez with Diego Gonzalez crossed the line first winning the race. Pablo Völker and Agustín Cunill Martinez did it second and Edoardo Mancinelli with Leonardo Cucchiara third.

With 14 knots, from 120º, Ladies got in almost perfect! Except the OCS for 53989 from Giulia Lantier and Martha Faraguna.
I think they were not aware of their OCS because they rounded the first mark first, they loose positions on mark 4 and regained their position on mark 1 (2time) and finished first!!! I am sorry for them!!!
So then, the French girls are the winners of the race again! Maelenn Lemaitre with Aloise had a great performance they rounded all marks first (do not consider the OCS girls!) Maria José Cucalón with Andrea Collin from Ecuador finished second and Jess Lavery with Georgi Mothersele from Great Britain finished third.

Second race and still good conditions for sailing, no waves and the clouds are gone, at 15hs the Race Committee gave their report, again Men are in with Black Flag, this time BFD for 52526 and 54243.
Julian Stükl with Adrian Hoesch from Germany rounded the second mark first and Pablo Völker with Agustin Cunill Martinez close followed them, Martin Bertrand with Xavier Lara rounded third and Michael Wood with Hermione Stanley fourth, Benjamin Grez and Diego Gonzalez rounded on the fifth place. On mark 2 (2 Time) Pablo Völker and Agustin Cunill Martinez took the lead followed by Benjamin Grez with diego Gonzalez and Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti with Leonardo Cucchiara, finishing that way.

At 15.07 Ladies got in, Pauline Rothlauf with Madlen Geisler from Germany got a BFD. The wind rises to 15 knots and still from 120º.
Switzerland girls, Linda Fahrni with Maja Siegenthaler rounded the first mark followed by Maelenn Lemaitre with Aloise Retornaz and Nadine Bohm with Monika Linder. The girls from Switzerland conserved their positions on all marks.
Luz Bonello and Sofia Tedin regain positions and rounded mark 1 (2 Time) second, then they took the lead on the last part of the race and won!!! Linda Fahrni with Maja Siegenthaler got second and Maelenn Lemaitre with Aloise Retornaz third.

We are now waiting for the Race Committee!! As we are close to the end I am afraid that everybody is filling in protests!! Hope they do not present them all!!


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