Juanpa Cadario: Farr 400, lo nuevo del estudio americano

Farr 400, lo nuevo del estudio americano

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Designer's Comments

The design objectives for the FARR 400 are to produce a fun, state-of-the-art, very high performance, yet easily managed keel boat of around 40 foot LOA. To be successful the design requires a broad appeal among Inshore, One-Design, IRC or PHRF racing, with useable interior space and capabilities to race offshore. As an offshore capable design the Farr 400 meets ORC Category 2, allowing it to compete in many of the offshore classics and its transport-friendly design makes this possible.
The Farr 400 can be easily and relatively inexpensively transported promoting bigger fleet sizes and lower operating costs, clearly differentiating it from other classes. The keel and rudder can be quickly removed. The overall beam and length are constrained to allow the hull to be tilted to fit within the dimensions of a 40 foot flat rack container for shipping, whether directly on the flat rack or on its own dedicated trailer on the flat rack. The boat can be transported on the road without exceeding driving restrictions in most regions, on its own dedicated trailer or with the flat rack on a truck or trailer. The Carbon mast separates into two sections and all components fit completely within the transport system footprint.

The Farr 400’s thoroughly modern hull shape incorporates moderate beam and light displacement, with an emphasis on power, low drag and exceptional handling characteristics. The deep retractable bulb keel and a near 60% ballast ratio produce a deep VCG and high stability. These, combined with the ample rig size and large asymmetric spinnakers set off an elegantly arranged centerline retractable prod, will provide exceptional upwind performance in all conditions and exciting performance and speed downwind and reaching.
The asymmetric deck layout of the Farr 400 follows modern Grand Prix race boat practice, for high efficiency and fast maneuvers. A primary grinder pedestal system allows for high speed spinnaker gybes, sail hoists, and string line spinnaker drops. These efficiencies combined with the high stability hull form and ballast package allow the boat to be raced successfully with an intended crew of 8.

All the spars, spreaders and shrouds (C6+) are Carbon Fibre, by Southern Spars. Swept spreaders and twin masthead backstays make for safety and allow a big headed mainsail.
Construction utilizes the latest materials and techniques to maximize performance within reasonable ownership costs. The FARR 400 build is a carbon fibre and epoxy foam-core sandwich composite, making it one of the first and most advanced carbon production sailboats in the world. Hull, deck and interior structure are fabricated with vacuum infusion technology to ensure high fibre volume ratios and reduce weight variation. The composite sheathed metal fin keel with lead bulb is retractable from its high performance 2.9 m sailing draft to 1.98 m to improve harbor access and docking, and is easily removed for transportation. The steering system and carbon rudder have been designed to accommodate both tiller and wheel steering.
All areas of the design have been carefully developed with great attention to detail as a result of extensive collaboration between designer and builder

LOA (m) 11.80
DWL (m) 11.11
BEAM (max) (m) 3.42
DRAFT (m) 2.90 down/1.98 up
BALLAST(kg) 2464
IRC TCC 1.230 (trial)

I 15.60, J 4.45, P 16.15, E 5.80, STL 6.82
Sail Area Up m2 102 & Down m2 235