Juanpa Cadario: 34 Copa America, BMW deja se ser sponsor de Oracle

34 Copa America, BMW deja se ser sponsor de Oracle

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BMW Leaves the America’s Cup

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, as some us have learned over the years... BMW, one of the main partners of the America's Cup, the sailing regatta which is one of the oldest active trophy in international sport, decided this week that enough is enough, after winning the 33rd edition of the event.

BMW was participating in the competition as a partner for the Oracle team. The two have partnered back in 2002 and, according to BMW, have shared much, especially at an engineering level, since.

The transfer of technology between BMW and Oracle (including structural engineering and high-modulus composite construction) led to the creation of the USA 17 yacht. The yacht soon became the fastest in the history of the America’s Cup and climbed at the top of the standings of the 33rd edition in Valencia, Spain back in February.

“On the design and engineering front, BMW engineers set new benchmarks in terms of intelligent lightweight design,” said Ralf Hussmann, general manager BMW Sports Marketing and Brand Cooperation. “In winning the 33rd America’s Cup, we achieved all of our ambitious goals. We will continue to be involved in the sport on a national level.”

“The America’s Cup combines a technological challenge with a sporting one and success is measured by the result on the race course,” added Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing. “In that sense, both the team and BMW are proud that our collaboration resulted in victory.”

According to both BMW and Oracle, their separation comes as a result of the goal, winning the Cup, being achieved.