Juanpa Cadario: WMRT, un final de año con varios candidatos al título

WMRT, un final de año con varios candidatos al título

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Twist In the Tale Predicted For World Match Racing Tour Finale

London – 22 November 2010
With five skippers still in with a chance of winning the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) as the series heads for the final event of the season at the Monsoon Cup, WMRT has drawn comparisons to the recent grandstand finish in Formula 1 which saw four drivers go into the final Grand Prix of the year with a shot at winning the title.

Just as F1 had a sting in its tail with Vettel, who went into the last race in third place, snatching the title, WMRT is being tipped to have an equally dramatic climax at the Monsoon Cup, which is being held at the five-star Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa in Kuala Terengganu from 30 November to 5 December.

Sailing pundit Mark Chisnell who has watched the action unfold throughout the season has called into question championship leader Matthieu Richard’s preparation saying: “I was interested to see that he’s chosen to race in Perth just before the Monsoon Cup. Mathieu is very methodical in his preparation, and I’m sure he’s got a plan, but this year his worst results have come in events that followed closely one after another – not a particularly good omen for him.”

To read Chisnell’s thoughts on who will win and see a full breakdown of who needs to do what to win visit www.wmrt.com