Juanpa Cadario: De gorra en un segundo

De gorra en un segundo

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Bullimore's 33m catamaran capsized - Update

Tony Bullimore's 33m catamaran capsizes off Cape Finistere. Update:

Ben Jones (29): 'There wasn’t that much wind-only about 15knots. We were sailing fast and close to the wind. We then had a big gust and because it’s a multi hull, the apparent wind induces a much worse affect. So the boat powered up a lot very quickly. At the same time the windward hull came off a wave, which got the hull lifting out. The rudder stalled. We couldn’t get the sheet off quickly enough so we couldn’t depower the boat.'

Currently the Dutch Navy has a warship standing by the upturn catamarn. The Dutch will stay until a tug and salvage team set out to recover the multi hull over the weekend. Then three of the original crew (presently drying out in Brest) can get out to attempt to recover the vessel.

by Sam Nelson Share 2:42 PM Fri 29 Oct 2010 GMT