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Noticias de l´Hydroptère

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Wednesday 7th July 2010

The first part of the European programme ended this weekend when l’Hydroptère came back to Lorient after a trip of a little more than one month. Our main objectives in 2010 were to make people discover the trimaran and to sail in the open sea. Missions accomplished during this first step!

l’Hydroptère left Brittany at the end of May to head to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. During ten days, under a wonderful British sun, l’Hydroptère took off and showed her speed potential to the British experts. Always looking for speed, the flying acrobats of Alain Thébault sailed several times alongside the Red Jet, the high-speed ferry connecting Cowes to Southampton. Stabilized at 40 knots, both crafts offered a unique show with the power of the turbines on the one hand and the delicacy of the foils on the other hand.

l’Hydroptère’s European programme continued with a stopover in the north of Germany at Kiel, during the greatest world nautical event entitled the “Kieler Woche”. During two weeks, numerous journalists, guests or visitors came to visit the boat. Between Olympic Regattas and old gaffers’ parades, l’Hydroptère amazed and left her triple wake in the 128th edition of the Kieler Woche.

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