Juanpa Cadario: Mundial de 470, sólo una regata para las chicas

Mundial de 470, sólo una regata para las chicas

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Day 4 morning report
Extreme sailing in Scheveningen

"I really enjoyed myself out there”, jubilated Jorick Weijers (NED). Sand was blowing off the dunes, water off the rough seas and the race committee reported 30 knots gusting up to 40 knots. That resulted in spectacular images, unfortunate damages and no racing. At around 11 am, the race committee postponed further racing.

The Dutch Coster brothers pushed the accelerator and smoked back in. "You really want to be first at the ramp in these circumstances”, says Sven Coster. The younger Weijers brothers, members of the Dutch Talent Team, had great fun on the way back: "It was cool, but racing in these conditions is asking for problems. We already broke the top batten and we picked up a spinnaker boom from an Italian team.”

Extreme sailing
Sven Coster explains what happened on the North Sea: "It was almost impossible to sail upwind. If you pulled the main sheet, the boat bumped enormously. The current pushed us up, so we decided to go to the starting vessel and discuss the conditions. We told them it was impossible to compete, but they knew that and made the right call to send us back. Kalle asked me whether we could hoist a spinnaker in case this was a real downwind, but we couldn’t. I think there were at least 30-40 capsized boats around us.”

According to the fourth helmsman of last year’s 470 Worlds, there was quite some damage: "I have seen many ripped spinnakers and jibs and a few broken masts.”

There will be no warning signal given before 4 pm. The wind is expected to decrease a bit in the late afternoon.

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