Juanpa Cadario: Noticias de la Mini Transat, Sebastian Rogues al frente

Noticias de la Mini Transat, Sebastian Rogues al frente

Fuente info CMBT6.50

La Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50

Sébastien Rogues into the lead for Prototypes and Eric Llull for the Boat Series.
Going back East for some, is it the option to follow?
Cold front, rather strong east to south-east flow expected freshening for Saturday and Sunday.

Aeolus is playful these days ... And yesterday's bet did not pay. If last evening, it smelled good for the supporters of the Western option, it is clear that the night changed the deal. Not good at all that near the active cold front even rather "violent" minis phenomena happened. An escort boat in the zone even had to put three reefs and staysail in the main sail to further progress in the right direction! In fact, this Saturday's playground is as vast as the weather conditions are different! The back of the fleet progresses relatively slowly as an escort boat located at the back of fleet said and troop's morale is high there. In front, three trends: the coast, the center and the extreme west. The wind at the coast is changing, the center pressure is generally south and west, on the edge of the cold front, the skippers can expect... everything. And if yesterday, the West option seemed to be miles lucrative, it is clear today that the West has not granted all the efforts made. As a result, the center option continues to run the show.

New leadership for prototypes!

Sébastien Rogues (719 - Eole Generation - GDF Suez) has slipped in before Jorg Riechers (753 - Mare.de) at noon, after one fair fight. No secret weapon but a ubiquitous and the settings at the helm. The trajectory of Sebastian is clean and fluid, revealing judicious observations of wind shifts. Own ... Behind, David Raison (747 - TeamWork Evolution) crossed the racing area unconcerned about winning on the route. The idea? Reposition his boat in the east of the water as quickly as possible, even if he loses a few degrees in longitude. If yesterday he was 12 miles in Jorg's west, he is now in 33 miles of Jorg's east! A real strategic choice that was followed also by the architect/skiper Etienne Bertrand (802 – Chasseur de primes). Both are third and sixth today for Prototypes. Notice the great recovery ofThomas Normand (787 – La financière de l’Echiquier) that enters the top 10 and the discreet but effective fourth rank of Etienne David (TeamWork). Etienne has followed the direct route from the start of the race, found himself entangled in the light air of the Asturian coast, has escaped and follows an option that fairly pays off. Discreet but effective! The punishment is definitely for Nicolas Boidevezi (719 - Défi GDE), Bertrand Delesne (754 - Zone) and Aymeric Chappellier (788 - la Tortue de l'Aquarium - La Rochelle). Aymeric even had technical problem requiring him to head to north for long hours before morning. The three protagonists, after searching a blast in the West, are now back to Eastern route trying not to lose too much miles on the direct route. That is certainly difficult, but they know that readjust as soon as possible.

146 nautical miles...

This is the lateral West/ East distance between Series boats, as if to say between Sergio Frattaruolo (Bologna in Oceano) that continues to head toward the West and David Prono (Get it Right, ESI Group), a skipper who is part of competitors in the east side of the race area. And if China had attacked and was awarded by the West option yesterday, it is clear that the median route, followed by the Eric Llull (566 - Cocoa Noble) continues to be the best at the moment. Eric is first followed by Fabrice Sorin (781 - Cartoffset) in his West and Davy Davy Beaudart (674 - Innovea Environnement) in his East. Guo Chuan (487 - Vasa) is still close from the podium and persists with his western option, just like Giacomo Sabbatini (554 - Scusami Le Spalle). They are 10 within 20 miles and the lateral gaps could eventually deal the cards again...

ETA for Madeira - Funchal: Tuesday the 4th of October in the morning.

News from...
- Tolga Pamir (737 - Yakamoz) had to slightly reverse to extricate his boat - most probably from a net - during the night. Information given by Zibidule. Well executed manoeuvre. Tolga was at noon 38th, 64 miles from the leader.
- Jean-Marie Oger (774 - Brazil, Forest E. Leclerc) who was in La Coruna to repair a damaged rudder fitting after collision with a UFO (unidentified floating object) that could be a whale, has set sails again on Saturday in the morning. He repaired and strengthened the transom plate.
- Andrea Pendibene (520 – Intermatica ITA 520) is safe and sound in La Rochelle.

Prototypes rankings on the 01/10/2011 at 12h00 (French time) -- 33 boats
1. Sébastien Rogues (719 – Eole Generation – GDF Suez) - 473,34 miles from Funchal
2. Jorg Riechers (753 – Mare.de) - 475,66 miles from Funchal
3. David Raison (757 – TeamWork Evolution) - 497,01 miles from Funchal

Series rankings on the 01/10/2011 at 12h00 (French time) -- 46 boats
1. Eric Llull (566 – Noble Cocoa) - 546,22 miles from Funchal
2. Fabrice Sorin (781 – Cartoffset) - 551,54 miles from Funchal
3. Davy Beaudart (674 - Innovea Environnement)- 559,3 miles from Funchal