Juanpa Cadario: Mini Transat 2011, los primeros protos cerca de Madeiral

Mini Transat 2011, los primeros protos cerca de Madeiral

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News flash on the 2nd of October 2011 / 05:00 p.m


David Raison – Prototypes – and Benoît Mariette – Series boats - hit the lead.
South/East moderate winds in the north of Madeira becomes low in direction of North/East Portugal.

The fleet starts to converge toward Porto Santo before steering for Madeira’s main island. The first protos are expected tomorrow afternoon. Remember that the first leg’s finish line is located in front of Funchal in the south of the island. At noon today, David Raison (747 – TeamWork Evolution) had hit the lead again. Sebastian Rogues (716 – Eole Generation – GDF Suez) and Jorg Riechers (753 – Mare.de) were respectively 2nd and 3rd. David took advantage of the 4 Beaufort East/Southeast wind and he sails fast into a moderate to stormy sea. His futuristic proto is heading to 188° and holds the record of the longest distance covered over 24 hours (Ed, on the 2nd of October at 07:00 UTC). Benoît Mariette (599 – Odalys Vacances), as for him, is really fast since yesterday and he is now lat the top of the Series fleet. Another word for Clément Bouyssou (514 – Douet Distribution) and Renaud Mary (535 – runo.fr) who overtook Fabrice Sorin (781 – Cartoffset) that suffers from having stayed too long in the West.

Madeira’s funnel!

Approaching Madeira reveals the effectiveness or the inefficiency of the options, but now the main objective for all is to get back on the direct course and reach Madeira as soon as possible. While the West supporters suffer and slowly join the rest of the contestants, those that chose the East option are a lot more relaxed. For instance, Guillaume Le Brec (667 – Occamat/ATD), Rémi Fermin (741 – Boréal) and Lucas Montagne (618 – Ong Conseil) have been rewarded with precious miles between yesterday and today. And the verdict is crystal clear: Guillaume was 18th yesterday and today he is… 7th, Rémi “jumped” from the 14th to the 8th position, Lucas from the 26th to the 11th. No comment…

ETA in Funchal - Madeira: Tuesday the 4th of October 2011 in the afternoon.

News …

- Radoslaw Kowalczyk (790 - Calbud) followed the procedure by warning the race director via his beacon that he has massive keel problem and is heading to the closest port. All is fine on board. Radoslaw sails at 3.90 knots and heads to 69/70 degrees.
- Juan-Carlos Oliva (624 - Zumex) warned the race director via his beacon that he has technical problem and that he u-turned to head to Spain.
- Reached by telephone since his return to La Rochelle, Andrea Pendibene (520 - 520 Intermatica ITA) formally announced his withdraw of the Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50 2011.

Prototypes ranking on the 03/10/2011 at noon (French time) – 33 boats

1. David Raison (757 – TeamWork Evolution)- distance to finish line: 195,87 miles
2. Sébastien Rogues (719 – Eole Generation – GDF Suez) - distance to finish line: 199,43 miles
3. Jorg Riechers (753 – Mare.de) - - distance to finish line: 204,68 miles

Series boats ranking on the 03/10/2011 at noon (French time) – 46 boats

1. Benoît Mariette (599 – Odalys Vacances) - distance to finish line: 273,12 miles
2. Eric Llull (566 – Noble Cocoa) - distance to finish line:276,78 miles
3. Clément Bouyssou (514 – Douet Distribution) - distance to finish line: 383,2 miles

The weather forecast sent by Météo Consult

Today: 1026 hPa anticyclone centred 41°40N/12W t o 12 TU extends to 18TU 43N/11°25W. It shifts to the NW that night. It focuses on 0TU 42°30/14W and 44°30N/10W. Depression on 12TU 1022 hPa centred northwest of Rabat back slowly this Thursday night to Gibraltar. Near the Azores, low-pressure storm axis positioned along the 30W back tonight to 31W away from the archipelago.
Between two depressions SE moderate winds in the north of Madeira becomes low direction of NE Portugal. Cross-seas, rough and locally rough towards the 20°W.

Tomorrow: The high pressure centred to the northwest of Cape Finisterre shifts slowly towards the centre of the Bay of Biscay. Depression 1020 hPa by 34°10N/ 7°40W becomes weaker to 1017 hPa by shifting to the Moroccan coast.
SW stormy depression continues to move away from the Azores to the SSW at 12TU by 33N/34W and 0TU by 30N/35W. The SE wind becomes low to NE in Madeira direction.

Future trend: Border situation between high pressure forming by 42N15W before returning to the NW and depression near the Moroccan coast. NE moderate winds.

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