Juanpa Cadario: Mini Transat 2011. Algunos planean y otros rompen mástil

Mini Transat 2011. Algunos planean y otros rompen mástil

Foto copyright Edules

Foto copyright Edules

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16.10.11 - 12:19
Surfs and breakages...

With northeast wind (12 to 15 knots), the third night of this second leg of the Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50 gave fun to the skippers. But if in prototypes, Bertrand Delesne (754 - Zone Large) has had a more direct route than that of Sébastien Rogues (716 - Eole Generation - GDF SUEZ) to overtake him, if in series Eric Llull (566 - Noble Cocoa) continues his one-man show, Renaud Chavarria (596 - Béziers Méditerranée) was the third to dismast in 24 hours.

Last night, the race director, had to manage the third dismasting, that of Renaud Chavarria (596 - Béziers Méditerranée), after the night before, the Italians Andrea Caracci (756 - Speedy Maltese) and Tiziano Rossetti (542 - Una Vela per Emergency).

"Edulis" one of the support boats diverted and is alongside Chavarria. He must make a jury rig and return to the Canaries, the Cape Verde Islands are too far apart.

Perils of the sea for some, amazing race for others. Yesterday in the early evening, Sébastien Rogues (716 - Eole Generation - GDF SUEZ) was leading. He even made ​​a (very) short break of a few miles, but he gybed futher west hoping to find more pressure. Risky option? In the night, Rogues did not find what he expected but his close follower, took advantage of the situation.

Therefore at dawn, Bertrand Delesne (754 - Zone Large) took over 10 miles and the leadership from Sébastien and Thomas Normand (787 - Financière de l'Echiquier). "Seb" is 36 miles further west in latitude compared to Bertrand and Thomas. Who is right? However, they are 10 boats in less than 27 miles.

Eric Llull's (566 - Noble Cocoa) morale should be the highest. The engineer in Cocoa, arrived from Africa, just few days before the start of Charente-Maritime. Already excellent in the first leg, he follows an almost straight course close to the direct route. At Saturday night score, he was 15.42 miles ahead of Davy Beaudart (674 - Innovea Environnement). This morning he was 14 miles ahead of Renaud Mary (535 - runo.fr), but already 19.43 miles of Pierre Brasseur (552 - Voile Océan) and over 20 miles of Davy Beaudart.

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