Juanpa Cadario: Mini Transat 2011, abandono para el lider Sebastien Rogues

Mini Transat 2011, abandono para el lider Sebastien Rogues

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9.10.11 - 19:34
Sébastien Rogues forced to withdraw.

Sébastien has hurt his back on the second day of this second leg and he had to stop in Mindelo on Sao Vicente island this morning. After having moored his prototype "Eole Generation - GDF SUEZ," he has seen a doctor, who strongly recommended him to halt all physical activities. Sébastien was very disappointed but he had to give up this adventure.
Sébastien fell on the head of his keel inside the boat and it provoked intense back pain. After 4 nights without sleep, he decided to call in Mindelo to see a doctor. After a medical examination and back X-rays, it turned out that the sciatic nerve is slightly injured. The doctor recommended to stop all physical activities. Sébastien is extremely disappointed to - for his own safety - stop his race. Great winner of the first leg between La Rochelle and Funchal, Sébastien was at the forefront when approaching the Cape Verde islands. He was 4th and well positioned in the west, he could have taken advantage of the wind direction to go back to the 1st place before the Doldrums. Proving, one more time, that he is a smart sailor and that he undoubtely was a candidate for victory. Sébastien controled his race despite the unbearable pain.

One experience for the future

Disapointed but aware that this kind of misfortune is part of the sea perils, Sébastien wants to be positive anyway: “I am frustrated because I really wanted to win. I have really tried but the pain was unbearable. My back was so painful that I haven't slept for four days. Even minor manoeuvres had become nightmares to me. I have reluctantly decided to give up the race but I did not want to risk my life. My victory in the first leg will, for ever, be my best memory. It made me understand that I had the potential and I now am looking to the future.”

Source : Eole Generation - GDF SUEZ