Juanpa Cadario: Update de la Mini Transat 2011

Update de la Mini Transat 2011

Fuente info CMBT6,50

La Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50
Northern sailors have nicely negotiated the chicane.

- Change of leaders: the North option has prevented erratic winds zone.
- Cape Finisterre that night for the firsts.
- Jorg Riechers leads in prototypes, Davy Beaudart in series.

When looking at the route of the prototypes leaders from the start, we see a chicane course...
Being very south below the direct course since the first hours of the race and having shift over the direct course during Monday to Tuesday’s night. In this game, those that privileged the North option were in pole position at noon as Jorg Riechers (753 – Mare.de) that was sailing at the speed of 5 /6 knots crossing the thinest part of the bubble. He is number one for prototypes, 5 miles ahead of Sébastien Rogues (716 - Eole Generation - GDF SUEZ) and over 13 miles of Bertrand Delesne (754 – Zone Large). A great operation for Jorg that, in addition, to leading the rankings, is gradually coming back to the direct route over the hours. He brings in his wake most of the fleet that - more or less - shifted in the north to escape the sticky zone. Three prototypes are trying to get out of this lawless area along the coast of Asturias: Etienne David (679 – Team Work), Lucas Montagne (718 – Ong Conseil) and Guillaume Le Brec (667 – Occamat/ATD). All three flirting between the 11th and 27th ranks, but must quickly leave the weather nightmare if they do not want to suffer more in the rankings.
On the side of series, the fleet is scattered on both sides of the direct route. Once again, supporters of the North option have chased yesterday’s leaders. Gwénolé Gahinet (455 - Asso Watever - gwenolegahinet.com) that was leading yesterday at noon is now demoted to 16th. Pierre Brasseur (552 - Voiles Océan) second yesterday, saves what can be saved, and is fifth thanks to a Northern route. In the end, Davy Beaudart (674 - Innovea Environnement) takes the lead followed by Pierre Cizeau (746 - Masqhotel) and Andrea Pendibene (520 – Intermatica- ITA-520). They are 14 series in less than 10 miles.

The Cape finally tonight ...
Part of the fleet will cross the Cape Finisterre tonight ... Jorg at 12.00 was 68 miles of the Spanish foreland. The wind gradually blows by the South and Southwest swell will begin to be gradually felt, as they will sail toward west. Now the sky is cloudy and the fleet could even find a few showers. They will have to do a subtle approach of the Spanish Cape. Trying not to travel more and more miles without getting too close to the legendary Cape and taking the risk of finding variable winds zones either in strength or direction. One should not forget the cargo traffic "bypass" style and the fishing fleets that are everywhere.... Not easy and not relax, especially for those had to multiply micro naps since the start of the race to stay in the game and take advantage of every gust...

Prototypes boats ranking on the 28th at noon (French time) – 33 boats,
1. Jorg Riechers (753 – Mare.de)- 831,8 miles from finish
2. Sébastien Rogues (716 – Eole Generation – GDF SUEZ) - 836,56 miles from finish
3. Bertrand Delesne (754 – Zone Large) - 845,1 miles from finish

Series boats ranking on the 28th at noon (French time) – 46 boats,
1. Davy Beaudart (674 –Innovea Environnement) - 865,1 miles from finish
2. Pierre Cizeau (746 – Masqhotel) - 868,71 miles from finish
3. Andrea Pendibene (520 – Intermatica-ITA 520) - 868,73 miles from finish

General synopsis and further for next 48 hours by Meteo Consult :

Today : 1033 hPa anticyclone centered on Germany falters on site to 1031 hPa. Low winds southeast into the Gulf of Biscay. Low wind conditions between zone Cantabrico and Finisterre. The reason is the influence of a small high pressure cell centered at 12 TU per 44N/7W extending north along 6°W at 18TU. Depre ssion 49N/15W 1001 hPa to 12 TU is filled by moving to the west of Ireland.
Very active cold front associated with this depression progressing to 18TU 10W. Plan moderate south west of 9W.

Tomorrow : The anticyclone over Germany remains stationary. The low flows southeast remains in the Bay of Biscay. Depression at 991 hPa centered 6TU 48N/23W by widening sharply. It goes back to Iceland during the day. The active cold front associated with this depression is centered along the 6TU at 21 W. It progresses eastward deactivating. Friday OTU, it focuses by 35N/20W, 43N/15W, 50N11W. This situation generates a building in front of the flow of the south west of 9 ° W. The south west swell is growing.

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