Juanpa Cadario: Noticias de la Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50

Noticias de la Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50

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La Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50

- A difficult night to come in the bows!
- Tomorrow, finally, Cape Finisterre.
- David Raison leads in prototypes, Gwénolé Gahinet in series.

The fleet slides in the right direction… for now. David Raison (747 – TeamWork Evolution) on his next-generation prototype has fairly reached the 1st position of the protos fleet.
Sailing reaching, David is little faster than the other contestants. He beats the number of miles sailed within 24 hours record, from yesterday 08:00 a.m to this morning 08:00 a.m, and did it again from noon to noon. To be honest, he does not give an impressive performance but he sailed over 146,5 nautical miles in 24 hours at the average speed of 6,1 knots. Nicolas Boidevezi (719 - Défi GDE) stays close with 139,8 nautical miles at the average speed of 5,8 knots. They are by now, the 1st and 2nd protos, followed by Sébastien Rogues (716 – Eole Generation-GDF Suez). As for Series boats, this is a war of attrition between Gwénolé Gahinet (455 - Asso Watever – gwenolegahinet.com) that took the lead at noon. Clément Bouyssou (514 – Douet Distribution) does not give up and sails close but he is still 3rd. And that is Pierre Brasseur (552 – Voile Océan), more north, which took the 2nd rank for now.
But nothing spectacular to tell about the Series boats today… Observe, Renaud Mary (535 – www.runo.fr), Hugo Lavayssière (527 – Ares and Co), Renaud Chavarria (596 – Béziers Méditerranée) and Davy Beaudart (674 – Innovea Environnement). They are 12 sailors within 10 nautical miles.

Night bubble?
No need to be forecaster to observe that there is more pressure on the top of the playground… In the end, those that chose to stay west could gain miles thanks to the 10 – 17 knots Southeast wind. A better angle associated to more pressure should, also, enable the northern ones to take back some of the miles they lost yesterday. To be followed… But the north position could be the best deal considering to the bubble in which the single-handers are going – to try - to sail in the coming hours. A real transition between to weather systems that could deal the cards again… This no-wind zone is 100 nautical miles wide from Gijon to La Coruna and spreads as a triangle 120 nautical miles more north.
Very precise adjustments, wise serenity, micro-naps, observation of the gusts… Could save sailors from remaining stuck. As we all know, it in this kind of situation that the biggest gaps are made between sailors.

Tomorrow Finisterre…
David Raison, Proto’s leader was today at noon, 175 nautical miles away from Cape Finisterre. Laterally, the fleet sails within 71 miles surrounded by Lucas Montagne (718 – Ong Conseil) in the south and Louis Mauffret (629 – Solidaires) all alone in the north. 76 miles from West to East separate David (472) from Kan Chuh on VMax, last Series boat and that is already a noticeable gap after 2 days at sea.

Prototypes ranking on the 27th at noon (French time) – 33 boats,
1. David Raison (747 – TeamWork Evolution) - 917 miles from finish,
2. Nicolas Boidevezi (719 – Défi GDE) - 923,95 miles from finish,
3. Sébastien Rogues (716 – Eole Generation – GDF SUEZ) - 929,02 miles from finish

Series boats ranking on the 27th at noon (French time) – 46 boats,
1. Gwénolé Gahinet (455 – Asso Watever – gwenolegahinet.com) - 943,25 miles from finish,
2. Pierre Brasseur (552 – Voile Océan) - 943,92 miles from finish,
3. Clément Bouyssou (514 – Douet Distribution) - 944,27 miles from finish

General synopsis and further for next 48 hours by Meteo Consult :
Today: large high pressure on the Europe continent, increasing 1031 hPa over Germany. Moderate east-south-easterly flow over Bay of Biscay, at the edge of high pressure. Light wind conditions under the ridge of high pressure extending from Cape Finisterre to Canaries islands. Low 993 hPa over the Azores at 12h00 moving to north-east and located Wednesday at 0h00 by 45°N and 22°W, 994hPa. Southerly flow in the west of the 11°W.

Tomorrow: persistence of a large high pressure on the Europe continent, 1032 hPa over Germany. Low 1003 hPa located at 12h00 by 49°N and 16°W and moving towards north-east picking up and located on Thursday 0h00 at south-west of Ireland 1011 hPa. Cold front oriented north-south and located at 13°W at 12h00. The front will weaken progressing towards Portugal in the end of the day. Moderate south-south-easterly flow at the west of the 9°W.

More news on: www.charentemaritime-bahia.transat650.net/en

Remember about The Charente-Maritime / Bahia Transat 6,50
Start Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 05:17 p.m,
Course: Departure from Fort Boyard (Charente-Maritime/France) / Funchal (Madeira/Portugal) / Salvador (Bahia/Brazil),
Number of nautical miles to go: 4,200 or 7 800 km,
Number of Boats: 79,
Organization: Grand Pavois Organisation