Juanpa Cadario: Match Race France, día de semifinales

Match Race France, día de semifinales

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2011-05-13 - An incredible suspens
At 6 pm the PRO and the organizers decide to stop the races.The day given rhythm by fascinating duels took place in perfect conditions.Teams realized 2 matches: IEHL and RADICH are equally with both 1 points as well as PACE and MIRSKY!We shall restart the races tomorrow as soon as possible.
Total suspens ...

2011-05-13 - Smi finls' qualification

After 3 matches, MIRSKY and RADICH qualify themselves for semi-finals.
IEHL and PACE got the upper hand over GILMOUR and BRUNI after 4 matches.

Semi-finals then began at about 4:15 pm:
> MYRSKI chooses PACE
> RADICH chooses EHL

2011-05-13 - Quarter Finals' start
After the drawing lots of J80, the best skippers have choosen their competitors:
> MIRSKY chose Alvaro MARHINO
> IEHL decide to confront with Peter GILMOUR
> PACE prefer to face Pierre-Antoine MORVAN
> BRUNI match against Jsper Radish