Juanpa Cadario: El AC18 diseñado por Oracle podria ser el multicasco en las olimpíadas de 2016

El AC18 diseñado por Oracle podria ser el multicasco en las olimpíadas de 2016

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America's Cup catamaran class in the Olympics?

A new 18-foot catamaran Olympics created by Oracle's design team can be the result when ISAF will decide the boats for the Olympics in 2016.

Mikkel Thommessen < mikkel@seilas.no >
Published: 2011 06.mai kl.06: 21
Last updated: 06.mai kl.07 2011: 14

Given that there is room for only one multihull in the Olympics, and it is a great application that must be covered, ISAF must decide whether there is a laser equivalent "boat or a high-tech equivalent 49er" they will go for.

The simple version is likely to ensure a greater number of nations that dare to bet against the Olympics, while high tech route can lift the sail into the 21.år hundred.

The multihull is on the way back in the Olympics seems obvious, especially after the IOC gave the Rings Gold Award for best produced TV coverage of the last Olympics for sailing, thanks to coverage of the final medal in the Tornado class.

Now it is by no means certain that there are Tornado who gets the honor of continuing the Olympic era for multihulls. Design team behind America's Cup 45 has come up with an AC18 with a wing mast. As today is therefore the most likely candidates finally will choose in November 2012:

The F16 design - such as the Viper is the most affordable and easily sailed by a female skipper or crew. Other manufacturers, such as Nacre will also likely have an F16 on the court soon.

The F18 design - as Hobie Tiger, a well-established class of wide distrubution. This is a heavy boat that probably will require that the woman must take on board the role of skipper. The boat is well established and thus is already an established Olympic class in many countries, including Norway.

Tornado - well established Olympic class that needs upgrading. Affordable hull, rig modification but can be expensive and make the older boats obsolete. Not widespread in many countries despite the former Olympic status.

Nacre 20 - A new class of boat race ready right out of the packaging.

AC18 - New design with a wing mast. One of the benefits of the wing mast is that strain for the crew is considerably less so for the female part of the crew is not important which should rollehun bekle board. We will probably hear more about the AC18 in the future. The boat is clearly the most exciting option, and will link the Olympics to the America's Cup sailing in a way the sport has never achieved formerly commuters. What is likely to be critical is how many nations who dare take the step to pursue a high-tech boat like this one.

At yesterday's meeting for half of ISAF in St Petersburg were 60 percent of the event committee, where Bjorn Lofterød is the Norwegian representative in the Olympics for the following classes for 2016:

Board and / or kiteboard men and women: the equipment should be evaluated.
One-person dinghy men - Laser
One-person dinghy women - Laser Radial
No. 2 man dinghy men - Find
The twin dinghy with spinnaker men and women - 470
Men Skiff - 49er
Skiff women: the equipment should be evaluated.
Two people multihull, mixed: equipment to be evaluated