Juanpa Cadario: LVT Dubai, nuevo formato de regatas

LVT Dubai, nuevo formato de regatas

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10 Nov 2010

Regatta format for Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai

The Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai will introduce a new regatta format and scoring matrix for the six competing teams. The system will ensure the most racing for all teams before elimination ahead of the Semi Finals.
The regatta will open with two Rounds Robin, scheduled from Sunday 14th, through Tuesday 23rd. Points are accumulated over both rounds and the top four teams advance to the Semi Final.

In Round Robin One, each team will sail every other team twice, in back to back matches. In each pairing, the teams will alternate ends of the start line for the two matches, but will not switch boats. Each win in Round Robin One is worth one point.

In Round Robin Two, each team will sail every other team once. Boat allocation is reversed for each pairing in Round Robin One. Start line entrance for each pair will continue to alternate from Round Robin One. A win in Round Robin Two is worth two points.

This means the draw for boats and start line entry at the opening press conference on Friday will likely see teams putting a priority on choosing to have starboard entry at the start line. Winning the draw will allow a team to have starboard entry in two of three matches in a pairing.

Following Round Robin Two, the top four teams on the leaderboard (based on Round Robin One and Round Robin Two) advance to the Semi Finals. The top ranked team will choose its opponent. The other two teams will be the second pairing. The Semi Final is a ‘first to two points’ series.

The two winning teams advance to a ‘first to three points’ Final. The losing Semi Finalists will race in a Petite Final if the schedule allows.

On Thursday 25th November, there is a one-day fleet racing regatta. Up to three races will be held, with each team sailing in up to two races. The fleet race regatta is a stand-alone event and is scored separately to the Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai.

The format and scoring for the Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai is detailed in the event Sailing Instructions.