Juanpa Cadario: Final para la China Cup

Final para la China Cup

El paraíso de Pedrito Gianotti, full of UK sails !!

Final para la China Cup, buenas fotos de Jesus para disfrutar.

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China Cup Day 4 -- Light Wind Drives Contestants Onshore Earlier for the Night Carnival

The final day of the 4th China Cup International Regatta was cursed with light winds, resulting in a short day out on the water.

The day started off with the committee boat orchestrating a fleet-wide birthday cheer for race officer Gaston Chan. They then sent the fleet off on a geometric course for Race 7, with boats starting off in 5 to 7 knots of breeze from the northeast. There was a general recall on the First 40.7 class, with some boats then mistaking the AP horn as their next start. They were again recalled on their second attempted start, with the Race Officer warning that the next attempt would be conducted under a black flag, meaning another recall would result in the cancellation of the race. The warning worked, and the class cleared the line on their third attempt.

Boats in all classes did their best to pick the favoured side of the course, but shifty winds meant that many gambles resulted in limp sails and slow progress. Some of the HKPN boats found themselves beating to windward as they completed what was intended as a spinnaker finish.

While the regatta has enjoyed an afternoon sea breeze in the past, this wind failed to materialise on Monday. The fleet bobbed in Daya Bay waiting for the last boats to creep across the line before turning for home at 1415 hrs with the last two scheduled races cancelled due to a lack of breeze.

No regret for that as colorful activities is waiting onshore for the last day of China Cup. Cocktail party and prize-giving will take place in the closing ceremony as schedule from 19:00 till midnight. Just go back to the hotel and take a bath, leaving all the calculation work done by the race committee.