Juanpa Cadario: Noticias del proyecto Mirabaud LX

Noticias del proyecto Mirabaud LX

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Press release

A successful campaign for the Mirabaud LX at Weymouth Speed Week

Geneva, October 28, 2010 – Thomas Jundt and his famous foiler Mirabaud LX took part to Weymouth Speed Week last week. Winner of the event in the “sailboat” category, the LX achieved a run at 23,24 knots average over 500 meters, and reached a top speed of 25,8 knots.

“I have achieved my child’s dream”, commented Jundt. “I always wanted to take part to this extraordinary event.” Looking back at it, Jundt considers that it was a successful campaign although Weymouth isn’t considered anymore as one of the best locations for speed sailing records now that specific speed channels have been dug in Namibia or France (les Saintes-Maries). “There were mainly windsurfs and kites in Weymouth, as well as some eccentric sailboats. We were definitely the event’s main attraction.”

Warmly welcomed by the small speed sailing community, Thomas Jundt and his team took the opportunity to show their funny boat to innumerable admirers and to exchange ideas with speed sailing fans; they also met many of the key actors of this discipline, nowadays on high demand by the America’s Cup community…”

“Our goal was to validate the changes made on the Mirabaud LX over the year, and to make progress. We have reached both goals. We sailed approximately 40 miles / day at high speed, in great conditions. As for my crewmembers for this regatta, they were great.”

Sailing alongside Jean-Pierre Ziegert and Jean-Marc Monnard (his usual crewmembers were not available), Thomas Jundt benefited from their fresh approach. Ziegert is a former Olympic sailor and a champion of foiling Moths, whilst Monnard is a sail designer. “We have made progress throughout the event”, says Jundt. “And our performances have become better day after day. We’ve definitely learnt a lot.”

The Mirabaud LX is now back in Switzerland and its designer is already working on changes for next season. Indeed, spectacular modifications are scheduled over the winter; they will be announced officially at the beginning of the season 2011.

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