Juanpa Cadario: Video a bordo del Matador en la regata costera de Cartagena

Video a bordo del Matador en la regata costera de Cartagena

Video tomado por Pierre Orphanidis de Valencia Sailing que hizo la regata costera a bordo del Matador. Tal cual cuenta en su blog no pudo filmar o tomar demasiadas fotos por las movidas condiciones de la regata.
A continuación les dejo el comentario de la regata según su visión (en inglés), de la que no estoy particularmente de acuerdo ya que no refleja realmente lo que ocurrió a bordo, una pena.

Texto de Valencia Sailing:

"The coastal race for Matador could be very well summed up in two sentences. The first one was voiced by Francesco Bruni, after rounding the mark at the end of the long upwind leg in second position behind Emirates Team New Zealand, and it was "The shore is good". Indeed the shore proved to be very good for Matador. The Italian brainpower onboard the Argentinean boat, Francesco Bruni and Vasco Vascotto, took the bold decision to part from the rest of fleet and go as close to the shore as possible. Not only did they find very strong breeze, I saw up to 25.5 knots in various occasions as we were almost touching the rocks, a positive current of almost 2 knots propelled them ahead to second place.

Unfortunately, the reaching leg to the small rock island of Las Palomas wasn't as successful and that's where the second sentence comes. Matador is an Argentinean boat and as a result, even if the long term tactical discussions are in Italian and the maneuvers are in English, Spanish is the prevailing language onboard. So, the second sentence that summarizes the coastal race on Matador is "El kukú cost us two places". As we were approaching the island, Matador were defending their second place but Artemis and Bigamist had threateningly closed in and were ready to grab every opportunity Matador would give them. Bruni and Vascotto had decided the next move was to do a peeling and go for "El kukú". As I was told after the race, "El kukú" is the nickname the crew has for a particular A3 gennaker they have. Unfortunately, sloppy crew work meant the gennaker couldn't come down, 2 minutes of furious yelling and shouting took place and when the gennaker was finally down, Artemis and Bigamist were ahead. Matador crossed the finish line frouth. "