Juanpa Cadario: Norteamericano de Star con presencia argentina

Norteamericano de Star con presencia argentina

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Foto copyright Mono Cingolani
La nueva flecha plateada de Mark Reynolds

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Alejandro Bugacov y Erick Lange

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In seven to eight knots of breeze, reigning Star World Champion George Szabo has been almost untouchable. He logged straight bullets on Day One in those conditions, and scored a deuce in Race Three on Day Two in identical conditions. However, for the second race on Day Two the Santa Monica Bay was covered with small white caps, and Szabo dropped into double digits - 13th place. That opened the door for Lars Schmidt Grael, sailing with Ronald Seifert. With straight single digit scores the two Brazilians moved four points ahead of Szabo into the lead for the championship.

Former Star World Champions and multiple Olympic medalists Mark Reynolds and Hal Haenel drew a flag from the judges for “rocking” in Race Four. Reportedly this was Reynolds first kinetics violation ever. Although they did a 360 degree penalty turn they still were able to finish second in that race for their fourth consecutive single digit finish. Unfortunately - the penalty for rocking the boat is a 720 degree turn - not a 360, which led to their disqualification, and moved Carl & Jamie Buchan into third place.

While Reynolds and Haenel are out of contention for the moment, after six races are completed they will be able to discard that DSQ, so no one will be ignoring their shiny new silver (definitely not white) very fast PStar.

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