Juanpa Cadario: Mundial de J-24, Tim Healey casi campeón

Mundial de J-24, Tim Healey casi campeón

Foto copyright Magnus Grubb

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Aug 19, 2010

J24 Worlds in Malmoe Sweden: What comes up must get down?

This is true for wind directions but as farnot for Tim Healey. In 1983 when the J24 Worlds was hosted by the same club, Ed Baird was the winner. Nice rolemodel for the leader this time----- who sailed outstanding being able not only to stay inside top ten all the races but also sail to win races. Two things that not always go together. For the last day he (now just has to withstand the prophecy and) has a solid lead and it seems like Tim must have the directing signs the others are seeking on the course. Ian Southworth slowly working his way up, is second with one day to go.

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