Juanpa Cadario: Final para el europeo de 29er

Final para el europeo de 29er

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29er European Championship – Final day of racing in the Netherlands

29er European Championship final report.

Annemiek Bekkering and Kaj Bocker of the Netherlands never relinquished their lead and have won the 2010 29er European Championship.

Bekkering and Bocker commented, 'When we came in from racing this morning we had broken the pin attaching our vang. We were trying to fix it and worried about getting it done before needing to go back out for a fourth race.

'When we saw the flags go up indicating we wouldn't race any more we were so relieved!'

The team has been sailing 29ers since 2005, but only been sailing together this year.

Kevin Fischer and Glenn Gouron of France finished second and said 'This was a good regatta for us. We started sailing 49ers and switched back to the 29ers one month ago. The regatta had a great atmosphere and good conditions.'

'The tactics and strategy in the 49er are the same as the 29er, so that has made it easy for us to move up. Coming back to the 29er after the 49er is easier, but different. The 29er is a great training boat for the 49er. '

Ida Marie Baad and Marie Thusgaard of Denmark sailed into third in the Gold fleet and are also the top female and youth team.

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For more information, go to: www.29er.org or www.29ereuropeans.org